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Native American Tea Affiliate Program

Native American Tea Affiliate Program

5th Mar 2016

Tea has always played an important role in everyday life for many people. Whether for health reasons or for spiritual ones, tea can be a central part of your day. Like with any other delicious beverage, there are numerous brands and options available to bring out the best flavors in any brew. One of the most talents companies is Native American Tea, and the brand specializes in providing tasters with an incredible brew that is based in Native American folklore and mythology. Each brew is hand-picked to provide drinkers with a spiritual and delicious drinking experience, no matter what their favorite flavors may be.

The Company's Story

The group was first established in 1987 in a relatively small building on the Crow Nation Reservation. From its humble beginnings, the group began to grow, and the company never lost sight of its commitment to quality. In Montana, the founders mixed and bagged their teas by hand, and the brand slowly became popular with local customers. The original founders began a partnership with several angel investors, who would go on to purchase the company in 2007. Though now in new hands and under new management, the Aman family that owns the company continues to adhere to the quality and symbolism so important to the group and its beginnings.

Affiliate Opportunities

Like any other company, this one provides affiliates with a wide variety of ways to market and collaborate on a variety of different mediums. In order for interested affiliates to get started with the available programs, it is recommended to become more familiar with the available options.

The tea affiliate programs already have the content built for interested individuals. All that users need to do is go on the tea affiliate prompts and then click to post the relevant information. Some types of content can provide users with customization options, while other types can not.

Users can apply the tea affiliate content posts to their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and various other types of social media options in order to profit with the program. If you have a gathering of fans on your social media pages, or if you spend a lot of time on the websites anyway, this tea affiliate system can be right for you.

Additional tea affiliate options include blog opportunities with the brand. The company has a variety of pre-built banners that individuals can apply to their blogs in order to advertise the products.

Watch this video to see if you qualify for our affiliate program.