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Teepee Dreams: Native American Herbal Sleeping Tea

18th Oct 2014

It is not many places that you can have a taste of tradition. The blends here served by the Native American Tea Company are exactly that: a sleeping tea made with the herbs that will leave you comfortable and ready for rest that harken back to ages worth of legacy. We of Native American Tea offer the sleeping tea that is comparable to the herbal teas that might have been drunk by the Native Americans of centuries past.

This caffeine free tea offers what could be called a chamomile tea sleep—that is, the kind of rest that only comes when one is left at the perfect restfulness stemming from being relaxed before you go to your bed. Brews and blends like the Teepee Dream tea (a valerian root tea or a chamomile tea)can be used to soothe your stomach, relieve cold and cramp symptoms, and in the reduction of stress give you the access to a restful night of sleep.

We of the Native American Tea Company remember that it is important to take the time to relax; you have to listen to life and let it calm you. Only in relaxation and taking the time to unwind at the end of a day can you come to expect a fully restful night’s sleep. Take the opportunity to stock up with a wooden tea chest—these whole sale teas are just the thing to give you a level of enjoyment that your day will benefit from. We’re Native American Tea, and we think you’ll love it.