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With Chamomile Tea, Sleep Comes Quickly: The Native American Tea Company’s Sleeping Tea

18th Oct 2014

Anthemis nobilis or Matricaria chamomillia, known in the popular tongue as chamomile, is one of the best ways to reduce stress that has come to afflict you. We of the Native American Tea Company are here to offer you a chamomile tea sleep—a rest that is without fit and perfectly calming.

One of the best ways to find an assured night of sleep—real, restful sleep—is by finding a calm state before you enter your bed. Helping soothe your nerves with help your body and mind to ward off restlessness. Whatever you may find throughout the course of your day, using the chamomile in a brew of our tea gives you a quelled stomach, calmed nerves, a natural and pleasant drowsiness, and can clear your head of unpleasant cold symptoms. In drinking our blend, Teepee Dreams, you will find a sleeping tea, a caffeine free tea, that will help you find that calm state before sleep.

Another blend that can help you find restfulness is our valerian root tea—these wholesale tea options can revitalize you through stress reduction and sleep aid. With such options readily available, it can be massively helpful to your health to invest in our wooden tea chest filled with all assorts of sleeping teas—remember that a chamomile tea sleep could be one of the most restful sleeps that you can experience.

When the night is come, and you are ready for sleep to be upon you, let us, the Native American Tea Company, lull you into a state of real rest with our sleeping teas.