A tea chest with tea bags packed in it makes a lovely gift. It is always nice to get a tea chest that has a good blend of teas. The tea chest from Native American Tea Company comes filled with 96 tea bags full of the most incredible Native American tea blends. These teas are potent, providing wonderful flavor to drinkers. Keep reading to discover what makes tea chests such a great present.
They Are Beautiful
One of the things that really stands out about these tea chests with tea from Native American Tea Company is that they are so beautiful. Each tea chest is made in the USA by master woodworkers from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The chests are made from birch wood, which has a beautiful grain that the woodworkers complement by applying a clear finish. The finishing touch is the precision, laser-engraved Native American Tea Co. Blend label on top of the box.
A Huge Selection of Teas
Inside the tea box, there are eight compartments that each hold 12 tea bags. This means that giving someone this tea chest is like giving them 96 cups of tea. That is a very generous present that the recipient will enjoy for many months to come. With eight different varieties of tea, there is something for everyone inside this Native American Tea Company tea chest.
The eight different blends that come in the chest are called Green Tea, Black Tea, Warrior’s Brew, Victory, Chief’s Delight, Teepee Dreams, Indian Love Tea and Good Medicine. Each blend has its own distinctive taste, and each herbal tea blend is designed to produce different results when you drink it. There are teas designed to energize you and teas designed to relax you.
Another reason that a tea chest with tea is a great present is because it is so versatile. With all the different varieties of tea that are included, they will appeal to tea lovers of every description. Even after the recipient is done drinking the tea, the box remains to be a handsome chest for other items like jewelry, money and keys.
When you are struggling to find the right gift for someone, consider getting one of these Native American Tea Company tea chests. They are lovely, thoughtful presents that people will be overjoyed to receive. Whether for the tea lover in your life or for a gift exchange, a tea chest with tea is an excellent choice for gifting. 

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