Chamomile tea has long been lauded in story, song, and legend as an effective potion for those who find relaxation elusive. Valerian root is a tried-and-true home remedy for the relief of anxiety and insomnia. It comes as no surprise that the combination of chamomile and Valerian root together results in a soothing blend with optimal stress relieving properties. Those seeking natural sleep aids use this combination as teas, tinctures, or in capsule form.
Why It Works
Tea made from mixing chamomile and Valerian root together makes an excellent bedtime ritual that promotes stress relief and relaxation. Also, the mind responds well to this sort of stimuli -- once it learns to associate the tea ritual with going to sleep, it'll automatically begin shutting down for the night.
Valerian root is used in the manufacture of the anti-anxiety drug Valium. However, long before pharmaceutical companies were a part of the picture, Native Americans were brewing these ingredients into a soothing tea that was used as a part of their evening rituals around the campfire. Native Americans understood the value of rituals in everyday life, so their nightly herbal tea drinking ritual was combined with the practice of passing down their stories and life lessons to the younger members of the tribe via campfire storytelling after the sunk sunk below the horizon.
Chamomile acts to promote general relaxation rather than as an actual sleep aid, while Valerian causes drowsiness. The two work together to form a safe, natural sleeping aid that also works to relive stress and anxiety. Evidence suggests that Valerian is also effective in reducing the symptoms of migraine headaches, arthritis, and intestinal distress. Valerian can also be sprinkled into bath water to provide a soothing soak.
What It's Made From
Tea made from the combination of chamomile and Valerian root together is naturally caffeine-free and is made from the purest available ingredients. Valerian and chamomile are both hardy herbs that don't require cultivation with pesticides and herbicides to produce thriving plants. Other ingredients are often mixed with these for a variety of reasons. Many people, for instance, find the taste of Valerian to be slightly unpleasant, and this situation is easily remedied by throwing a bit of mint into the mix.
Whether your sleep disorder is a temporary problem or something more long term, consider using a tea made with chamomile and Valerian root together to get your sleep patterns on track. 

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