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American Tea

21st Nov 2019

Native American Tea Company

While there are many different types of drinks favored by individuals, American tea is one of the all-time favorites. No matter where you happen to be in the United States, there will be tea available in a wide range of flavors and serving styles. For example, while some people prefer their tea served hot, others prefer a more chilled version. In addition, while some prefer a slice of lemon with their tea, others prefer perhaps cream tea, which is often served in the afternoon. No matter your preference, there is little doubt American tea has many nuances that make it a special part of the country's culture.

Instant Tea

As more and more people in America have started to want tea with their meals, many companies began to see the potential market for instant teas, which would be very convenient and cost-effective for consumers. Made from black tea and then freeze-dried to keep as much flavor as possible, these teas were popular for many years. However, as consumers in recent years have transitioned to ready-to-drink teas found in great grocery and convenience stores, the demand for instant tea has dropped significantly. The best caffeinated teas are often not instant.

Iced Tea

While most of the world- especially the British, prefer hot tea, in the southern United States particularly, there is nothing better than a glass of iced tea. Usually sweetened with lemon, this variation of American tea has been a cultural favorite for generations. In fact, as its popularity has grown in other parts of the country, it can now regularly be purchased at restaurants and other establishments. While lemon is still the preferred method of sweetening, some tea producers have ventured into adding additional fruit flavors to their mixes. One of the most popular has turned out to be passion fruit, which offers a unique taste that appeals to a wide variety of people.

Hot Tea

While sweet tea is often referred to as the "Table Wine of the South" by folks in Georgia and other southern parts of the United States, their counterparts in the northern U.S. swear by hot tea as their beverage of choice. In close competition with a good strong cup of coffee, the north preferred hot tea is usually made with tea bags that are allowed to simmer for an extended period of time. As a result, hot tea is often a bit stronger and less sweet than chilled teas, but is considered a beverage that will not only delight the taste buds, but will also warm you up quickly on a cold winter day- especially in a tea room. Those with a rough time sleeping can drink valerian root tea. Early history shows that tea was consumed based on a medical text published in the 3rd century. Drinking green tea hot or cold is acceptable as ready to drink teas have come to market more and more especially for Americans.