American Tea

21st Nov 2019

Native American Tea CompanyWhile there are many different types of drinks favored by individuals, American tea is one of the all-time favorites. No matter where you happen to be in the United States, there will be tea available in a wide range of fla...
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Valerian Root Tea

29th Oct 2019

Valerian Root Tea As more and more people look for natural ways to heal, many resort to such remedies as valerian root tea. A remedy known for thousands of years, has many active ingredients, including sedatives, antispasmodic and anti-anxiety proper...
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A Side By Side Comparison of Tea vs Coffee

1st Mar 2019

A Side By Side Comparison of Tea vs CoffeeA Side By Side Comparison of Tea vs CoffeeIf you switch from coffee to tea for just one week, you'll notice a difference with your health. Here is a comparison of tea vs coffee and why tea is better.The age-o...
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Tea Guide: The Different Types of Tea for Every Occasion

17th Aug 2018

Tea Guide: The Different Types of Tea for Every OccasionAre you new to drinking tea and want some guidance in terms of what to drink when? Here's a handy tea guide to help you learn about the different types of tea for every occasion.Keyword(s): type...
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Getting started with tea

13th Nov 2017

If you play close attention to what's on the menu at local cafés in your community, you may have noticed a greater variety of tea beverages being added lately; this is part of a trend that has been brewing, so to speak, since about 2014. Coffee is st...
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#StartAHealthyHabit Win A Year's Supply of Tea!

16th Dec 2015

Win a year's supply of tea from! Start a healthy habit in 2016 by choosing tea as one of your drinks of choice!  Plan your healthy lifestyle now. Are you planning to make a few healthy changes to your lifestyle? If...
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Native American Tea: A Unique Gift

8th Oct 2015

Native American Tea Company’s teas, wooden tea chests, and tea samplers make wonderful unique gifts. Our teas are healthy, interesting concoctions that everyone in the family can enjoy. While we are featured at countless gift shops and othe...
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