We apologize!

23rd Sep 2015

Hello ,We apologize for not having our Chief's Delight and Indian Love blends available for purchase right now. We expect that we will have the blends available again by Thanksgiving.Our team here at the Native American Tea Compa...
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Naturally Energizing Tea

5th Apr 2015

Native American Tea Company has become synonymous with excellent, all-natural teas that are sold at amazing prices. Our wholesale teas are truly second-to-none. With the help of all-natural herbal remedies, everyone around the country can feel better...
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Buy herbal teas now and start the year off right

1st Jan 2015

Many of us are writing our New Year’s Resolutions right now. A great way to kick start those goals of losing weight, exercising more, and being generally healthier is to start drinking more tea! Although there are many tea companies to choose f...
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The Top 12 Secrets of Tea

9th Sep 2014

Tea is widely known as a commodity that is healthy and delicious. But you know what else? Tea also has some crazy interesting factoids. Here are some little known facts about tea. All tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. This include...
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