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Tea Guide: The Different Types of Tea for Every Occasion

Tea Guide: The Different Types of Tea for Every Occasion

17th Aug 2018

Tea Guide: The Different Types of Tea for Every Occasion

Are you new to drinking tea and want some guidance in terms of what to drink when? Here's a handy tea guide to help you learn about the different types of tea for every occasion.

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You could simply drink a nice cup of tea. You'll enjoy it no matter what. Or, you can gain a deeper understanding of the many types of tea and enjoy them on a new, profound level.

Get ready to explore tea in a way you've never experienced before. Welcome to our tea guide. We'd like to help you understand the various types of tea and occasions when you might enjoy them.

Types of Tea

Let's assume you're a new tea drinker for the sake of learning. It's a good idea to start your tea journey by understanding the various types of tea you may find available to you. Much of what makes a tea what it is depends on how the leaves are harvested and oxidized before they are heated and steeped.

There are many... but let us focus on some of the most popular types of tea.

Green Tea

Green tea is subtle in flavor. The subtlety comes from the short processing time that the leaves are allowed to undergo. It is slightly whithered before picked. They are heated rapidly and briefly, which causes the oxidation process to be muted.

Heating and steeping should be kept short for the best flavor. These shorter heating times also keep the caffeine to a minimum. The resulting mellowness makes green tea a favorite among many.

White Tea

White tea leaves are handpicked at a very young age, and without any oxidization processing at all. White tea is probably the most delicate of all teas. This tea is even more subtle than the green variety.

Brew at low temperatures for a short time for the best flavor. There is some caffeine in white tea, very similar to green tea.

Black Tea

The black tea leaves are allowed to whither fully before they are picked. Then the leaves are completely oxidized. It is a very dark tea that is full flavored and robust.

Black tea tends to have higher amounts of caffeine. It is typically brewed and steeped for a longer period of time than other teas.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea leaves are picked after whithering and then allowed to oxidize partially. The flavor is not quite as full as black tea but more robust than a green tea. It hovers somewhere in the middle of the flavor range.

However, the oolong tea has is own tones of flavor to offer. It tends to carry flowery or fruited undertones and has a natural sweetness.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are made from the dried leaves of herbs and flowers. They are heated and steeped at medium heat for shorter periods of time. They are generally not a source of caffeine.

The flavor that an herbal tea carries tends to be somewhat mellow, but this depends on the herb or flower it was originally made from.

Puerh Tea

This is a specially aged, rich black tea. It is one of the best Chinese teas you can drink.

The picking and oxidization process is unknown, as this tea is strictly imported from China. What we do know is that it is a full-bodied and highly robust tea, which does not carry any bitterness at all.

Which Tea for the Occasion?

Now that we know some of the more common types of tea, we can decide when to drink them. When to drink a tea really depends on the occasion, doesn't it?

Here are some examples of which tea to choose for the right occasion.

Breakfast Tea

Good breakfast teas are usually black and full flavored. They pair well with typical breakfast foods. They have some caffeine, slightly less than a cup of coffee.

Black teas help focus the mind and get you ready to start the day.

Daily Drinking Tea

You can always choose to drink green or black tea on a daily basis. If you just want a cup, and it's not close to bedtime, you can choose either. Green would be a better choice later in the day as the caffeine is much lower than black tea.


Feeling under the weather? Tea is known to provide many health benefits.

Indulge in a cup of mint or chamomile tea when you're feeling sick. The properties of both herbs have been known to provide several medicinal benefits.


The act of drinking a cup of tea on its own can reduce stress. It slows you down and forces you to take some time to relax.

Herbal teas, such as our chamomile tea, tend to be best for reducing anxiety and stress. These symptoms can be intensified by caffeine, so avoid black tea.


A good night's sleep is important for us all. If you want to rest well, you should drink an herbal tea that has no caffeine. One of the best is our very own Teepee Dreams!

Love and Sexual Health

Some herbal teas can enhance sexual mood and energy, too. For sexual health and maybe a little fertility aid, check out our Indian Love Tea. Share it with someone you love and enjoy all the benefits together.

Weight loss

Green tea has long been known to provide health benefits. It may just help you lose weight, too.

There are also several herbal teas that may help with weight loss. Try mint, chamomile or ginger teas for notable weight loss results.

Enjoy More Tea

Now that you know a little more about tea, go ahead and experiment! Try a few new teas to explore what you like best for each occasion.

Interested in learning more about specific types of tea we offer? We have a wonderful selection of tea made from all natural ingredients!

Check out our list of tea products or contact us for more information. We would be happy to help you select something from our line of teas.