​Native American Tea Company Affiliate Program

29th Dec 2015

At the Native American Tea Company, we take pride in our products that many thousands of people around the world enjoy. In addition, we also help our customers make a little extra money by allowing them to become members of our tea affiliate progr...
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Try sleep teas today

18th Dec 2015

Take time to relax deeply with sleep inducing tea, excellent sleep teas like Valerian mint tea is a wonderful choice to make sure that you get quality rest. For centuries, Native Americans and others knew about the importance of finishing off one's...
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#StartAHealthyHabit Win A Year's Supply of Tea!

16th Dec 2015

Win a year's supply of tea from NativeAmericanTea.com! Start a healthy habit in 2016 by choosing tea as one of your drinks of choice!  Plan your healthy lifestyle now. Are you planning to make a few healthy changes to your lifestyle? If...
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Benefits of Herbal Tea

22nd Oct 2015

Herbal Tea (herbal infusions including leaves, seeds, flowers, herbs or roots mixed in boiling water) have acquired great popularity all over the world for many reasons. First of all, the range of tastes to enjoy is endless, and there is certainl...
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Native American Tea: A Unique Gift

8th Oct 2015

Native American Tea Company’s teas, wooden tea chests, and tea samplers make wonderful unique gifts. Our teas are healthy, interesting concoctions that everyone in the family can enjoy. While we are featured at countless gift shops and othe...
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Introducing Native American Tea Company

6th Oct 2015

Originally established in 1987 by a family of Turtle Mountain Chippewa, the Native American Tea Company continues to deliver high quality products and natural Tea Gifts of all kinds. Each herbal tea was designed with a Native American legend, stor...
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Many Herbalist Recommended Hemp Seed Oil for Eczema

26th Sep 2015

The essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil acts as an internal moisturizer for the skin, they can help combat the dryness and cracking of eczema and calm inflammation from the inside out. By taking a teaspoon of hemp seed oil orally three times a day...
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