How to Make Valerian Root Tea

8th Feb 2015

The perfect cup of valerian root tea is much easier than you would expect. Valerian root tea is one of the oldest natural remedies that has been described by ancient text. It has withstood the test of time due to ease of preparation, it’s medicinal b...
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Benefits of Spearmint Tea

8th Jan 2015

Many Americans prefer tea as their hot beverage of choice. Teas can be comprised of different fruits and herbs that allow for pleasant aromatics and health benefits. Wholesale tea, loose leaf tea, and pre-packaged teas are all incredibly popular in t...
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Benefits of Chamomile Tea

4th Jan 2015

Chamomile tea has been used in alternative forms of medicine for thousands of years. It has been recognized for it’s calming effects and much more. Chamomile tea and sleep usually go hand in hand so people across the world drink it prior to...
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Buy herbal teas now and start the year off right

1st Jan 2015

Many of us are writing our New Year’s Resolutions right now. A great way to kick start those goals of losing weight, exercising more, and being generally healthier is to start drinking more tea! Although there are many tea companies to choose f...
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Benefits of Valerian Root Tea

28th Dec 2014

People across the world use teas every day for their herbal and medicinal qualities. Valerian Root tea is no different. Valerian Root can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America. Each of these locations has also used the herb in teas for it’s man...
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Sleep Easy!

25th Nov 2014

Are you looking for a tea that can ease you into a deep sleep night after night without feeling groggy in the morning? Many people suffer from sleep anxiety and have trouble falling asleep because of it. If you are someone who has trouble falling asl...
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