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Coupon code for our Wooden Tea Chest for a Unique Herbal Tea Product

26th Aug 2015

If you're looking to try a combination of herbal tea products then purchase one of these wooden tea chests loaded with many types of herbal tea is the perfect choice. Plus, you receive the wooden tea chest for future use.

Herbal tea is one of the best ways to ensure your body receives all the properties of a tea or other herbal teas, whether it's iced tea or hot tea. The power of herbal teas is well known and you can enjoy starting your day out with a good shot of iced tea.

The Native American Tea Company is offering their wooden tea chest for sale. You receive a solid cherry finished wooden box filled with 96 bags of:

  • Warrior's Brew -- a zesty cinnamon flavor and a hint of orange peel, this blend contains star anise, rosemary, and many beneficial ingredients including the perfect combination of vitamins C and D
  • Victory Tea -- is the best way to cool the body in the heat while enjoying the energy of spearmint, hibiscus flower, rose hips, and wild cherry bark. Victory Tea carries a punch of zing to energize the body and calm the nerves
  • Green Tea -- is a smooth and mellow flavor, while energizing the body. The small amount of caffeine will boost your energy while supplying your body with all the anti-oxidant needed to fight off free radicals
  • Black Tea – the perfect way to start off your day with a great cup of tea. Slightly caffeinated to give you the energy need to start your day off right

You can make any version of iced tea you want or try them as a hot tea. Either way, you get a beautiful wooden tea chest you'll be able to store all future teas. This tea chest also makes a wonderful gift for family, friends, and tea lovers. Mix and match any of the teas to suit your taste buds.

The wooden tea chest is 12.5" Length, 2.375" Depth, 3.5" Height, 8" Width. Just the perfect size to hold all your favorite teas that will fit right in your kitchen cabinet.

All these tea boxes are wooden and make of cherry wood, they do tend to have natural marks such as knots, scars and a slightly different color or tonal hue. These are not imperfections, but a sigh of the authenticity geared to Native American Tea Company's wooden tea chest. Each box is unique to each customer. Others may purchase the same box, but will have a different unique characteristics.

These wooden tea chests will last a lifetime while you enjoy the flavor of the perfect tea to starting your day or a calming tea to end your day. Order your wooden tea chests filled with herbal tea for enjoyment and your health and don't forget to share them with your family and friends. 

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