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Damiana Tea: A Tasty Tea That Calms The Nerves

Damiana Tea: A Tasty Tea That Calms The Nerves

17th Aug 2015

If you're looking to calm your anxiety with a tasty tea, then Damiana tea is the perfect drink. You will enjoy the hint of blackberry and licorice while calming the stomach and the mind. Many people in the olden days used to smoke Damiana (Turnera diffusa) to ease their nerves and the ancients gave it to their children to calm them down. Native Indians used it in their courtship.

Damiana has been used for many years by many civilizations. The history of Damiana can be dated back to the times of the ancient Aztec. Today's use is primarily for sexual enhancement; however, many don't know it's also an excellent nerve relaxant, digestive stimulant, and mood enhancer. The ancients gave Damiana to keep their children calm when they were scared.

The leaves of the Damiana plant are combined with blackberry leaf, white oak bark, rose flower, ginseng root, licorice root, ginger root, and bergamot oil, just to name a few of the herbs combined to make a lovely tasting tea.

Since Damiana is slightly bitter, the added herbs help balance the taste as well as enhance the properties of Damiana. Each herb gives you the health benefits of their individual properties as they enhance the properties of Damiana.

Each of the included herbs balances this wonderful tasty tea. You can replace your morning cup of coffee with this delightful, mellow tea. You can also add it to smoothies, sprinkle on cooked vegetables, or add it to soups or stews. The wonders of Damiana tea for the digestive system can't be beat by another combination of herbs.

How the Native Indians Use Damiana Tea

Each brave had his own songs he would play for a woman...if the woman liked the young man, she would prepare a special blend of tea.

Damiana tea is caffeine free, but soothing to the digestive system as it may relieve stress and anxiety in your life. It also keeps the body in perfect balance so you can enjoy life to its fullest. This tea can be drunk in the mornings, afternoons or evening, with or without a meal. It will keep you calm and balance out your life.

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