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Find Energy with Our Licorice Root Tea

17th Sep 2014

You're always on the go and in order to keep up your energy, you might turn to caffeine supplements or sugary soft drinks. Unfortunately, those beverages only give you energy for a short time, and may leave you feeling more tired at the end of the day. For a safe and natural burst of energy, try Victory Tea from the Native American Tea Company. This licorice root tea also contains hibiscus flower, rose hips, and wild cherry bark, giving it a fantastic flavor while also helping your body feel revitalized.

Our Victory Tea is made in the tradition of the Plains Indians, who found honor and victory in raiding their enemy's camps and take their horses. This was a very dangerous endeavor, and only the bravest and most courageous would attempt it and escape unharmed. They would carry these herbs with them and consume them for energy and stamina. When they returned with the enemy's horses in their possession, there would be a victory celebration to honor these men.

At the Native American Tea Company, everything that we do is built on tradition. We want to offer our customers the most flavorful natural teas possible, whether it be licorice root tea, chamomile tea, or orange pekoe cut black tea. We know that once you try these teas, you'll find the energy and flavors that will make them your favorite teas. Brew a cup of our tea, maintain your busy schedule, and you won't have to turn to sugar or caffeine to get you through the day.