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Introducing Native American Tea Company

Originally established in 1987 by a family of Turtle Mountain Chippewa, the Native American Tea Company continues to deliver high quality products and natural Tea Gifts of all kinds. Each herbal tea was designed with a Native American legend, story or myth in mind. Art work was later painted and added to the boxes to reflect each unique tea. In Montana the teas were originally mixed and bagged by hand, and with rising popularity and demand we relocated to Aberdeen South Dakota where we continued to develop and grow. Here at the Native American Tea Company, our ingredients are all natural and gluten free. We use no artificial flavors, colors, flavorings, or preservatives. If you are looking for natural tea products or tea gifts of any kind including green tea, Wild Cherry Bark Tea, original blends including 'Chief's Delight' and 'Good Medicine', and also naturally caffeine free teas, then you'll be glad you found the Native American Tea Company. Tea-drinking remains extremely popular throughout the world for many reasons. Taking green tea as an example, people have enjoyed and used Green Tea for thousands of years, as apart from enjoyment of its taste, many associated health benefits have been claimed.  Here at the Native American Tea Company, our green tea has a smooth and mellow flavor, while energizing the body. The small amount of caffeine found in our green tea will boost your energy.  Another fine ingredient to be found within our innovative product range is Wild Cherry Bark Tea.  The main ingredients of wild cherry bark tea are acetylcholine, HCN, kaempferol, p-coumaric acid, prunasin, quercetin, scopoletin and tannins. An original tea we are proud to bring you is our 'Victory Tea'. It is based on the history of the Plains Indians, for whom it was considered an honor to raid an enemy camp, take their horses, and escape unharmed. These raids were considered to be quite dangerous, and were well noted between the Crow Indians and the Blackfeet Nations. Our Victory Tea, which features a rich punch of flavor with a touch of spearmint, is created with a blend of hibiscus flower, rose hips, and wild cherry bark. Our sales in general have expanded greatly through the Internet and our teas are featured at The Smithsonian, the National Museum of the American Indian, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial as well as in grocery stores, gift shops, restaurants, hotels and Native American Casinos. They have been showcased on QVC and are sold worldwide and in all 50 states!

"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Customers are reminded that it is entirely of their own accord, right and responsibility to make educated choices with their own, and their family's health care. Always consult a physician prior to the use of any herbal product or service."