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​Social Media and Tea

​Social Media and Tea

Posted by Joe Moore, VP Sales and Marketing, Native American Tea Company on 2nd Oct 2014

Hello all of you tea fans. Thanks for reading our blog and checking out this post. In this day and age it is exceptionally important to not only connect with our fans, but also to interact with them whenever we can. That is why we created this new website. We can now connect and communicate with all of our fans on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. A warm, genuine thank you goes out to all of the fans, Twitter followers, Pinners, and +1s we have received from you. At Native American Tea Company we are a very small company, you can count on that when you email, call, or use some kind of social media to get our attention that you will be communicating with one us right here in South Dakota. Isn’t it a nice feeling, in this time of outsourcing everything that a small company still actually picks up the phone?

We have also recently installed a question and answer tool that allows anyone to ask a question about the tea. Our little community can then answer that question. That means fans of the tea can comment on the taste, ingredients, price, or whatever else. And of course we have also put reviews on our website allowing anyone to comment on the teas directly!

We hope you have enjoyed what we have put out there in the social media channels. We try to keep you informed on a number of things. Native America and tea are what we focus on the most. Stay tuned as we will be having a guest blogger from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in the coming weeks. We are very excited to help him get his message out there and we hope you are too!  And if you want us on any other social media sites please email and let us know!

If you haven’t joined us yet on social media please do!