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Teepee Dreams: A Chamomile Tea Blend

Teepee Dreams: A Chamomile Tea Blend

19th Mar 2016

As today's world becomes more and more stressful, people everywhere need to find new ways to slow down and unwind at the end of the day. In recent years, one of the most popular methods for letting go of the stress has been sitting down with a cup of herbal tea. While there are plenty of different brands of herbal tea on the market, one that continues to grow in popularity is Teepee Dreams, a Native American herbal chamomile tea that offers an all-natural blend of ingredients to encourage sleep and relaxation.

What Are the Ingredients?

Because Native Americans knew that an appreciation of nature led to greater harmony in life, Teepee Dreams uses only the best all-natural ingredients to make its tea. Caffeine and gluten free, this chamomile tea is blended entirely in the USA and has a soothing peppermint flavor. In addition to peppermint, some of the other ingredients included in the tea are:



--Strawberry Leaf

--Passion Flower

--Licorice Root

--Orange Peel

A unique combination of ingredients handed down from generation to generation, Teepee Dreams does indeed lead to many nights of peaceful, soothing sleep.

What Makes This Tea So Special?

Along with its unique combination of ingredients, Teepee Dreams Native American herbal tea has a rich history that keeps the heritage of Native Americans at the forefront. Realizing one of the most important aspects of this heritage was sitting down with others at the end of the day to tell stories and drink herbal tea, Teepee Dreams attempts to keep its tea as close as possible to that which Native Americans enjoyed centuries ago.

Five-Star Reviews

If there were any questions as to just how much customers love Teepee Dreams tea, all you have to do is take a look at the numerous five-star reviews they give it over and over again. Customers remark on not only how much the tea helps them fall asleep at night, but also how refreshed they feel when they wake up in the morning. Just like the Native Americans who drank the tea while sitting by a fire teaching their youth how to enjoy and take care of the world in which they were living, today's customers also use it to make life more enjoyable and appreciate each day. If you've been looking for an all-natural tea that not only helps you unwind but also tastes great, then Teepee Dreams chamomile tea is the perfect choice.