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The Top 12 Secrets of Tea

The Top 12 Secrets of Tea

Posted by Joe Moore, VP Sales and Marketing, Native American Tea Company on 9th Sep 2014

Tea is widely known as a commodity that is healthy and delicious. But you know what else? Tea also has some crazy interesting factoids. Here are some little known facts about tea.

  1. All tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. This includes every variety of “true” tea. Herbal blends are actually called tisanes. They are typically made from flowers, herbs, spices, and other ingredients.
  2. Tea bags were an accident. They were actually invented in the US by Thomas Sullivan. Originally the tea bags were supposed to hold the samples of loose leaf tea but consumers ended up throwing the bags right into the hot water- and the teabag was born!
  3. Tea will absorb odors. Especially black tea! Just wash your hands with tea and magically tyou have heavenly scented phalanges.
  4. It is said tea can be used to soothe and cool sunburns. So next time you spend too much time in the sun take a bath in tea.
  5. A teaspoon is actually named for tea! Loose leaf tea can be picked up using a teaspoon and supposedly this is divine amount for one cup of tea.
  6. Mosquitoes hate tea. Trying rubbing some tea around the area you want to keep bloodsucker free and see what happens.
  7. Theanine and caffeine can be found in tea. Why does this matter? Theanine is an amino acid that when combined with coffee typically gives the consumer a much calmer, smoother, energy. As opposed to coffee where no theanine is found. That is why we crash on coffee but on tea we remain much steadier.
  8. The United Arab Emirates consume per tea per capita than any country in the world!
  9. The World Tea Expo predicts that tea will outsell coffee in the US by 2017! Per George Jage of the World Tea Expo tea is expected to grow another 50% from where it is today. It is already the fastest growing sector of the beverage market. 1
  10. Tea was used as a form of currency until 19th century.
  11. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. The United States ranks 69th on consumption of the beverage but in almost every other industrialized country in the world the only beverage that is drank more is water.
  12. The legend of how tea began is when a leaves accidentally fell into a cup of water. A Chinese emperor than drank that water and proclaimed a new beverage.

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